■ 2018.5.05

 オリジナル曲を発表する姉妹サークルSAND SEA SOUNDS originalを立ち上げました。
 アルバム一作目"Titanium Heart"を公開しています。

   https://sand-sea-sounds.booth.pm/ : 



 彡旁イツキ の運営する東方アレンジ中心個人サークルです。主にニコニコ動画で活動しています。
 東方Projectは上海アリス幻樂団 様の著作物です。当サークルの制作物は東方Projectの二次創作物であり、上海アリス幻樂団 様と直接的な関係はございません。



 SAND SEA SOUNDSでは、東方Project界隈の更なる発展に微力ながら貢献したいとの思いから、東方二次創作者の方に当サークルの東方アレンジ曲をご利用頂けるようにしています。気に入ったアレンジがありましたら是非、下記の規約に則りお使いください。







For overseas visitors

SAND SEA SOUNDS, the fanclub of Touhou Project.
Administrator: Itsuki Sandukuri (彡旁イツキ)

Touhou Project is production by Team Shanghai Alice.
SAND SEA SOUNDS's productions are FAN-MADE works of Touhou Project.

I provide Touhou arrangement tracks as music materials for your fan-made Touhou works!
If you'd like to use it, please agree the User Policy.

■ User Policy
You can use my Touhou arrangement tracks as music materials for your fan-made Touhou works(videos, games, novels, cartoons, etc., work form is not limited) if...

* Your work is fan-made 'doujin' project of Touhou Project.
* You abide by Official Terms of Use of the Touhou Project announced by ZUN(Team Shanghai Alice).
[Reference: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Wiki:Copyrights]
* Your work is NOT illegal.
* Your work does NOT give an unpleasant feeling, NOT give a damage to someone's honor, NOT give a extreme-radical assertion and solicitation(politics, religion etc.).
* Usage is appropriate in terms of conventional wisdom.

In usage of tracks, following is prohibited.
*Redistribution, sales.
*Creating sampling sound source and/or using on music production, using as sound effect.

Please note that I shall not be responsible for any loss, damages and troubles that happened by using my tracks.
Please note that I sometimes introduce your work on my website(please tell me if you don't like it).

■ Credits and Use Reports
If you tell me you used my tracks, I feel so happy but report is not always necessary.
Mention in credits are always welcome but if your work is difficult to do it, it's not always necessary.

Because I'm not good at English, maybe there are some strange sentences.
Please ask me if you have the question in detail.
If you ask me in EASY English, I can reply :)


Please contact me by this e-mail address or Twitter account.

i.sandukuri+gmail.com  + -> @

Twitter: @i_sandukuri